Petro Evaluation Services Inc.

Thank you for your interest in our oil and gas exploration and consultation business located in Wooster, Ohio. We are a full service, small independent company that uses the latest geophysical and seismic approaches to evaluate, drill, and produce prospect areas.

We have decades of hands on well site and drilling experience, which includes well completion, pipeline installation, production, well tending and pumping, maintenance, and plugging.

Our main concentration is the Appalachian and Michigan Basin, where our president alone has over 37 years of experience.

Our smaller size allows us to focus on individual projects and give each job the attention and care they need.

We have the range of experience and intelligence to make sure every project succeeds where it counts - the bottom line.

O & G Investment Holdings, LLC is the Pennsylvanian subsidiary exploration division of Petro Evaluation Services, Inc.

Petro is privately owned and operated by Jay G. Henthorne, Jr., formed in 1973 and incorporated in 1976.

Mr. Jay Henthorne, Jr. has been at the forefront of exploration in the Appalachian Basin for nearly 40 years, and has been a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists for over 30 years. Recently, he was selected to serve as the Ohio Section Representative for AAPG House of Delegates, and is a member of the AAPG Foundation Associates. In addition, he is the Chair of the Rules and Procedures Committee for the AAPG

Hundreds of wells have been drilled by Petro in Pennsylvania and Ohio, with Petro owning and operating the majority of them.

Seven years ago Mr. Henthorneís son, Jason, joined the firm after working in the Oil and Gas industry in WV, LA, NY, KY, CO, WY, and MT. Since that time he has followed in his fatherís footsteps as a respected leader in the Oil and Gas community, has been a member of the AAPG for over twelve years, and is currently serving his second term as President of the Ohio Geological Society.

Difficult reservoirs and challenging or sensitive terrain such as golf courses or nurseries are not new for Petro. We pride ourselves with our ability to operate where some cannot, and with the close and long relationships we form with our landowners.

O & G Investment Holdings is the Pennsylvanian exploratory arm of Petro, and we are proud to continue this tradition in Petroís name.

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